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Special dressings - Prevention and treatment of catheter exit-site infection and Biohole in dialysis

The reduction of the microbial load in an infected wound can help to promote healing.

The mechanism of the dressing is based on the physical principle of hydrophobic interaction.

Thanks to this natural principle of hydrophobicity the bacteria are easily removed from the wound at each dressing change through a simple mechanical removal action, helping to reduce the bacterial load and creating the ideal conditions for the natural healing process.

Exit green kit with antimicrobial dressing

Innovative approach to the prevention and the treatment of exit-site infection (ESI) of the catheter (CVC, peritoneal catheter) and BioHole (ref. “Buttonhole” technique).

It consists of a green gauze acetate with hydrophobic coating, and a fatty acid derivate, highly hydrophobic substance.

As a result of hydrophobic interaction the bacteria that come in contact with this substance remain irreversibly bound to the dressing without being able to return to the wound.

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Products » Special dressings

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