Customized kits

Customized Kits to fit any need for:

Example composition of the medication kit FAV

  • arteriovenus fistula (AVF) medication

  • CVC medication

  • peritoneal dressing

  • set change, bag change

  • Kit for suture medication and removing stitches


  • used for dressings required before and after peritoneal or extracorporeal dialysis, in order to aid in patient connection and disconnection procedures from dialysis device.


  • used for general atraumatic, non-invasive dressing and for minor surgery interventions, both ambulatorial and specialistic.

Prevents cross-infections Improves patient care Helps improve staff & unit efficency Saves on material costs

Customized kits for on/off dialysis (FAV and CVC)

This kit may contain:


  • Absorbent and waterproof sterile sheet to be placed under the patient’s arm or to create a sterile field during the dressing procedure. Sterile sheets equipped with a cut, hole and an adhesive, in order to better adapt the use of the device in the dressing procedures for fistula or catheter (FAV – CVC).

  • A pair of sterile gloves, model and size of choice (latex, vinyl, and nitrile).

  • Disinfectant wipes for disinfection prior to insertion of the needle.

  • Sterile gauze pads in cotton or non-woven fabric (TNT).

  • Disposable plastic clamp used to stop the flow of fluids in the lines (clamping of the tubes).

  • Disposable multipurpose clamp used to hold towels, swabs and gauzes.

  • Air-permeable adhesive plasters in TNT to help fix the needles in place.


  • A pair of sterile gloves, model and size of choice.

  • Sterile gauze pads in cotton or non-woven fabric (TNT).

  • Final medication: fistula-pressing bandage or fistula-pressing plasters.

  • Two disposable fistula-pressing armlets for hemostasis at the end of dialysis.

  • Fistula needle cap or needle container, safety cap.

  • Catheter protective pocket with fixing plasters for protection of the terminal parts of the catheter.

Example composition of the medication kit CVC

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