Monthly home kits for medication

Customerized monthly home kits to fit any need

The custom kits contain all the necessary material for medication made at the patient’s home.
Contain towels, gauzes, masks, patches, and disinfectants for the patient’s skin.
  • Kit for peritoneal dressing
  • Kit for PICC medication
Saves on material costs
Improves patients care

Monthly home kits for peritoneal dialysis in the health center and at the patient’s home

  • Two or three layers of absorbent impermeable sterile field equipped with a cut, hole, and an adhesive
  • A pair of sterile gloves, model and size of choice (latex, vinyl, and nitrile)
  • Paper or TNT masks
  • Sterile gauze pads in cotton or non-woven fabric (TNT). The gauzes can have a Y-shaped or straight-cut to create a dressing around the catheter
  • Cotton or TNT swabs
  • Antiseptic products and disinfectants
  • Plastic tweezers, klemmer
  • Air-permeable adhesive plasters in TNT to fix catheter and exit-site dressings
  • Protective pocket for peritoneal catheter