Customized Kits for peritoneal dressing

Customized Kits for peritoneal dressing (CAPD and APD)

Example composition of the peritoneal medication kit

The kit may contain:

  • Absorbent and waterproof sterile sheet to create a sterile field

  • Sterile sheet equipped with a cut, hole and an adhesive, to better adapt the use of the device in the dressing procedures of the peritoneal catheter

  • A pair of sterile gloves, model and size of choice (latex, vinyl, and nitrile)

  • Sterile gauze pads in cotton or non-woven fabric (TNT)

  • Y-shaped or straight-cut gauze to create a dressing around the catheter

  • Masks to avoid contamination

  • Air-permeable adhesive plasters in non-woven fabric to fix dressing