Monthly home kits for medication

CVC kit

CENTRAL VENOUS CATHETER DRESSING KIT (CVC) The vascular access for dialysis is a catheter (about 20 cm long with a diameter of a few millimeters) is introduced distally on a central vein (subclavia, internal jugular, femoral). The dialysis procedure usually lasts 4 hours and is performed 3 times a week. The kit may contain: …

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DIALYSIS FAV DRESSING KIT (ARTERIOVENOUS FISTULA) The first choice vascular access for dialysis is the VENOUS ARTER FISTULA. It consists of an artificial communication between an artery and a vein, obtained through a surgical procedure, in order to divert high-pressure arterial blood into the high-capacity venous system to obtain adequate blood flows for dialysis treatment. The dialysis …

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Monthly home kits for medication

Customerized monthly home kits to fit any need The custom kits contain all the necessary material for medication made at the patient’s home. Contain towels, gauzes, masks, patches, and disinfectants for the patient’s skin. Kit for peritoneal dressing Kit for PICC medication Saves on material costs Improves patients care